Church Leadership

Stephen M. Evans III

Executive Director of Relocation and Redevelopment

For Texan Stephen Evans, the bright lights of New York City have never faded. "I came to New York City on vacation and fell in love with the city," he recalled. "I moved here five months later, and I have never regretted that decision or lost that love."


The Lord has led Stephen through a variety of different careers, among other things, he has handled difficult real estate situations for a movie theatre circuit, and managed a mixed-use property on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Stephen's knowledge and skillset to navigate Calvary's relocation and redevelopment is a gift of God. "I enjoy using the gifts God has given me," said Stephen. "I feel strongly it is God’s will that I be here at this crucial and exciting time for the church."


A graduate of Dallas' Southern Methodist University, Stephen first came to Calvary immediately after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and joined the fellowship in 2003. "I have passion for supporting missionaries who work in regions of the world where expressions of Christian faith are oppressed," said Stephen. "I simultaneously admire their love for Christ and appreciate the freedoms I have here."


Phone: 212-975-0170