Church Leadership

Rev. David Epstein

Emeritus Pastor

Reverend David P. Epstein, Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church from 1997-2018, is a native of Annapolis, Maryland. He also served as Chancellor of the New York School of the Bible.

Pastor Epstein began to follow Jesus as a college student, having experienced spiritual, moral, and philosophical bankruptcy. God has since allowed him the incredible privilege and responsibility to share the Gospel and teach His word both as an academic and as a pastor.

He has served as an Athletic Director & Coach, Assistant Professor, and Department Chair at Washington Bible College of Maryland; Assistant Pastor of Mount Oak Methodist Church, Bowie, Maryland; Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Bible Church, Ottawa, Canada; and Senior Pastor of Forward Baptist Church, Cambridge, Canada.

Pastor Epstein earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Washington Bible College, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Capital Bible Seminary, and is a Ph.D. candidate in History of Education and Adult Development from the University of Maryland. He has also completed Doctoral Work in Biblical Studies from The Catholic University of America.

Pastor Epstein’s greatest ministry joy comes with seeing men and women grow in their faith and make a difference in their world for God’s glory and Kingdom.

Pastor Epstein is the author of A Time for  Hope: One New York Pastor’s Biblical Response to 9/11, Terrorism and Islam, and was a contributor to The People, Land and Future of Israel, Preacher’s Sourcebook Volume III, and Business Ethics Today: Stealing (Center for Christian Business Ethics).

He and his wife, Sandy, are the parents of three children; Joshua, Jason, and Lindsay. They have eight grandchildren.