Managing Money Matters: Now & Later

Quite often, financial literacy is not taught in school but it is foundational if an individual is going to be ever maturing financially. The Bible has much to say concerning the proper use and management of the money entrusted to us. This seminar will offer attendees assistance in becoming wiser disciples in the stewardship of our earthly treasure from a Biblical perspective in two ways: now (wise use of credit cards, building emergency savings, increasing the value of money spent, etc.) and later (wills, trust, and estate planning, etc.). Taught by Randel Stubbs

Cost of the seminar is a flat fee of $25. Registration opens at 5 p.m. in Room 503 each Thursday of the seminar. Preregistrations are encouraged to assist the office in planning the logistics for each seminar, please call the office at (212) 975-0170 x123 to preregister. Please note that the seminar is instructional only (no NYSB credit earned).

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