Student Ministry Mini-Golf Meetup

As part of our Fall Ministry Kickoff, we're hosting a Mini-Golf Meetup for students and their friends and families. Join us on Saturday, Sept. 12, from 10 am-noon, at Manhattan Youth - Pier 25. CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS. Golf is just $5 per participant, those who wish to just watch are free. 

Due to Covid-19 protocols set by Calvary Baptist Church, New York City, and NYC Parks, this event will max out at 50 people. Please pre-register all participants (including children of all ages, friends, parents, grandparents, and caretakers) for this event. Note that anyone, regardless of age, that does not pre-register might not be allowed entrance into the event. 


In keeping with Calvary Baptist Church, New York State, New York City, and NYC Parks Department guidelines: below are the protocols event participants will be asked to follow:  

  • An “Event Box” is required to be checked out and returned to church office for any Calvary outdoor event. The Event Box contains a thermometer, extra masks, hand sanitizer, and a basic First Aid Kit
  • Event participants should be encouraged to self-monitor prior to the event.  If they have a temperature of 100.4 or above or have other COVID symptoms, they should not attend the event.
  • Upon arrival to the event, the Event Leader will ask each attendee if they’ve been COVID-19 symptom free for 14 days.  If they have not been symptom-free for 14 days or if their temperature is 100.4 degrees or above, then they are not allowed to stay.
  • Each participant will be asked if they have had contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 14 days. If they have, then they are not allowed to stay. 
  • Every person at the event must have and wear a mask. If someone does not have a mask, one will be provided from our “Event Box”.
  • Wear a mask if you’re less than 6 feet from someone not of your household.
  • Maintain an appropriate social distance of 6 feet between you and others not of your household, especially if mask-wearing cannot be consistently maintained.
  • All food/drinks must be brought from home for yourself/your family.
  • Each person will be reminded to help us prioritize safety and use wisdom while gathering to help maintain a safe environment. The Event Leader is responsible for this while reminding the group that it takes all of us working together to do this