Expository Teaching and Preaching, Part 1

T411A Expository Teaching and Preaching, Part 1

Prerequisites: 101A101B Prerequisites:  101A and B

What if preaching could more than inform the mind?  What if it could also be an instrument to transform the soul of both the preacher and the listener?  Have you ever considered what could happen if local churches (not just seminaries or Bible schools) became the intentional breeding ground for the next generation of preachers?  The aim of this course is to empower ministry leaders to create preaching pipelines to develop the next generation of preachers while at the same time offering tools to deepen their own souls as preachers.

411A  Expository Preaching, Part 1

Required Textbook: Beholding and Proclaiming, Kristian David Hernandez, 978-1073824656

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