Stop Recruiting and Start Retaining Volunteers and Leaders

344B Stop Recruiting and Start Retaining Volunteers and Leaders

As a ministry leader who relies on volunteer teams to get the job done each week, you know how difficult it can be to keep all of your volunteer roles filled.  Sometimes your ministry can feel like it has a revolving door, simultaneously bringing in new volunteers as current ones leave.  The cycle of volunteer recruitment and turnover can be overwhelming, leading to frustration and distracting from the mission.  We will look at four strategies designed to provide individuals with volunteering experiences that motivate them to continue volunteering.  Warning:  You may even see more of your volunteers inviting their friends to join them!


Qualifies for the Christian Education Diploma.


The Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting, Start Retaining, Darren Kizer


• Students are responsible for ordering their textbook, NYSB suggests Orange Ministry - http://store.thinkorange.com, or Amazon - www.amazon.com.

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