Worldview Apologetics: Defending the Faith

260A Worldview Apologetics: Defending the Faith

There are so many challenges to our faith in the marketplace of ideas.  If not prepared to respond to the challenges, one can be intimidated into silence or just take refuge in the fortress of blind faith by saying, “I know Jesus lives in my heart.”  Although it is true that He does, just saying so does not qualify for obedience to what Jude 3 requires—contending earnestly for the faith.  This course will first establish a rationale for defending the faith, investigate the apologetic techniques used in the Bible, and offer some skills and strategies for combating challenges against the faith.

Required for the Advanced Certificate.

Required for the Worldview Apologetics Diploma.

Required Textbook: The Compact Guide to World Religions; Bethany House Publishers: 1-55661-704-6