The World of the NT in the Museums of NYC

195N The World of the NT in the Museums of NYC

New York City is rich in museums and some even have exhibitions that illustrate the Biblical world.  This three-Saturday course will explore the world of the New Testament in two of these museums.  The first Saturday, June 4, we will have a half-day lecture at NYSB on the Biblically-related objects in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The next Saturday, June 11, we will have a lecture on and then visit the temporary exhibition, “Gods and Mortals at Olympus” at the Onassis Center on 5th Avenue.  This special exhibit is a collection of artifacts from the Macedonian city of Dion where the Apostle Paul probably embarked on a ship to Athens (Acts 17:14).  What would he have seen in the city and what would have been his strategy in reaching it with the gospel?  The following Saturday, June 18, we will visit the Met and see the world of the New Testament and the different gods and goddesses that the early Church confronted; burial practices; objects of daily life; athletic objects; and much more.  This course will visit the New Testament world without even leaving New York City.

Fulfills Bible elective for Intermediate Certificate.

Or, fulfills elective for Advanced Certificate.