Isaiah 1-12

144A Isaiah 1-12

Words of warning and words of hope combine to make the message of Isaiah the most beloved of the major prophets.  Understanding the faithfulness of God in both judging and blessing Israel will give you insights into His character and the motivation to lead a godly life.  The background and unity of the book will be developed and special emphasis will be given to the yet unfulfilled glorious prophecies of our Messiah’s future Kingdom.  Isaiah 2–35 was written in chronological order, covering the reigns of Uzziah, Ahaz, and Hezekiah and gives a theological view of history.  These two courses will expound chapters 1–39 and emphasize the historical and archaeological confirmation of them, as well as the Messianic and prophetic passages.  Fall I will cover Isaiah 1–12 (the reigns of Kings Uzziah and Ahaz) and Fall II will cover Isaiah 13–39 (the reign of Hezekiah).

NOTE:  It is desirable but not required that 144A and 144B be taken in chronological order.  However, either course may be taken independently.