Old Testament Survey: Prophecy

121D Old Testament Survey: Prophecy


Israel’s prophets were a fearless lot whose vision of justice and peace was inseparably bound to their message of the coming Messiah.  Mired in societies filled with corrupted politicians and carnal-minded priests, and disheartened by conquering armies and cowardly citizens, these spokesmen for God courageously called His people to repentance and revival.  Contained in these books (Isaiah through Malachi) are timely messages of judgment and hope.  The Messiah is needed again!

NOTE:  The purpose of each Old Testament and New Testament survey course is to give an overview of each book in each survey group.  Time does not premit a verse-by-verse study of each book.  The Bible Certificate program will give the student the opportunity to study a book in more detail.

Required for the Preliminary Certificate.

Spring II

   Saturdays, 10:35 a.m. - Mann

   Mondays, 7:35 p.m. - Herbert


Required for the Preliminary Certificate.

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