Scripture: The Quest for Understanding

100 Scripture: The Quest for Understanding

Interpreting and understanding Scripture can be a daunting task.  For example, the books of Jobs and Ecclesiastes require their own respective keys of understanding to unlock their precious jewels.  Other books require a Biblical lens in order for the Messiah to come into view.  The teachings of Jesus came in the form of parables and figurative language, which are often misunderstood and have led to costly mistakes.  Besides, the prophets of God were not robots.  They too had their problems with the Words of God.  The Psalmists also!  To understand their problems is to also get a better grip on our own problems with God, our infinite and awesome savior.  The course hopes to shed more light on many highly revealing parts of the Scriptures.
   Fulfills Advanced Certificate Bible elective or Advanced Certificate any department elective.

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