Certificate and Diploma Programs

Core Certificate Program

NYSB’s 3-year Core Certificate program is a foundational curriculum of 24 courses that provides a systematic and progressive plan of study.  New students are encouraged to register for the Preliminary Certificate courses.  This 3-year certificate curriculum provides courses in Bible study...more

Worldview Apologetics

The Worldview Apologetics Certificate program is a 2-year, 8-course program designed to help the student understand and assimilate the basic tenets of Christianity and the application thereof and then to be able to communicate biblical truth to a world that attacks and attempts to debunk God and His...more

Institute for Biblical Leadership

The Institute for Biblical Leadership now offers two tracks of study for local church leadership development that seeks to prepare leaders who will be Godly in character, biblical in knowledge, and Christ-centered in ministry.  Strong (well-established) local churches are central to God's design...more

Christian Education Certificates

The Christian Education Certificate programs are designed to prepare workers and leaders in Christian Education in the local church.  This program has two tracks:   the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry tracks.  Both tracks will equip and encourage anyone currently serving in these...more

Church History

Church History Certificate ...more

Bible Intensives

The intensives, in the Old and New Testaments individually, provide an opportunity for concentrated study.  This program will allow the student to devote three years in studying the Old Testament, or two years, the New Testament. After each track, a supplemental advanced certificate will be...more

Understanding Christian Missions and Islam

This certificate program is an effort to train and prepare followers of Christ to take the Biblical mandate for missions very seriously.  In these courses, students will learn how the study of God’s mission in the Bible can radically change one’s church vision both inwardly and outwardly. ...more

Church Leadership Diploma

NYSB recognizes how important effective leaders are to effective church ministry.  Therefore, we are introducing this 4-course diploma program in Church Leadership. ...more

Expository Teaching and Preaching Diploma

This 4-course program is designed to help the teacher or preacher of the Word of God understand the meaning of Christian exposition and to develop exegetical and organizational skills.  The various components of a lesson or sermon will be defined, discussed, and illustrated.  Techniques of...more

Biblical Languages

NYSB has taught Hebrew and Greek grammar since 1982 and 1973, respectively.  Students now can earn a certificate in both Biblical languages.  The Old Testament Hebrew Certificate will require 10 courses:  2 foundational courses, 4 grammar courses, and 4 reading courses.  The New Testament Greek...more

Bible Certificates

Have you ever wished you could spend some concentrated time studying the Bible?  And in wanting to, did not have a good plan for such a lofty goal?  Here is your opportunity to participate in a plan to fulfill that dream.  This program will allow the student to devote as much time as desired to...more