Academic Info

NYSB offers classes on Monday evenings and Tuesday evenings for seven weeks in two fall quarters and two spring quarters; on Monday evenings for four weeks in one January winter session; and on Monday evenings for four weeks in one June summer session. 

NOTE: Any prerequisites for a course must be fulfilled before taking that course. The course descriptions state any prerequisites for a course. Need any advice? Please call us at (212) 975-0170 x123.

Grades and Attendance

Credit Status This requires the student to complete all assigned work and take all quizzes and/or exams. To receive credit for any course, the student must pass the course with a grade of “C-” or better.

Audit Status This allows the student to take the course without the responsibility of assigned work and quizzes/exams. No grade will be given. A “XX” on the transcript indicates an audit. However, an audited course cannot qualify for certificate requirements.

It is the responsibility of the student to check in with the instructor, especially if late to class. Attendance affects the student's grade. Credit students missing more than two classes cannot receive a passing grade for the course, unless special arrangements have been made with the instructor.

Grades will be posted to the Student Portal following each quarter.

Changing Status

If a student desires to change status, either credit to audit or audit to credit, the student can do so any time before the last class but not after the last class. The student can change status on the first session of class free of charge; after the first class, there is a $5 fee per transaction.

Changing Courses

The student can change courses in the first session of class free of charge. If a student wishes to change courses after the first class, the student pays the $5 fee and makes the change before the second class. There can be no course changes after the second class.


If a student cannot complete a course after the second session of the class, the student must either withdraw from the course or change a credit status to audit in order not to receive a failing grade. There is no refund for a course after the second session of class. Withdrawals and status changes are permitted at any time before the last class but not after the last class. The letter “W” will be entered as the grade for withdrawals. There is no fee to withdraw, but the student does not return to the class.

Incompletes and Extensions

Extra time to complete any assigned course work or to take missed quizzes/exams may be permitted by the instructor, depending on the student’s situation. The student must request an Extension Form from the Registrar’s office before the last class of the quarter and then submit the completed form to the instructor. If the instructor approves the extension, the student will then have four weeks, or whatever time the instructor allots, to complete the work in order to change the “I” for Incomplete to a final grade. If the work is not completed during this period, the “I” will be changed to “F”.


A transcript is kept on file for each enrolled student. Each student is entitled to a copy of his/her transcript, free of charge. If the student is requesting an official copy of the transcript to be sent to another school, the student makes this request in writing and gives the name of the school, its address, and the name of the admissions officer of the school to which the transcript should be sent. There is a $5 fee for each request for an official grade transcript.


Call (212) 975-0170 x123 or send an email to nysb@cbcnyc.org.